Monday, October 17, 2011

Subaru, gotta love to camp.

Matt Zumbo and I Recently finished these illustrations for Chris Bishop at DCI.  They were used to build the outdoors, backwoods feel of the Subaru brand.  Subaru has a very specific following and the art was targeted to inspire those that love the outdoors. Safety, fun and adventure. 

Tough Love.

I created this series of illustrations with Ryan Smith at BVK/ Serve. We wanted to create engaging images that would draw in the viewer and  force them to contemplate the message. To have a soft warm sophisticated cartoon look should lure and engage the age group this campaign is designed to attract. Check out the image, read the message. bang, ouch, tough love.

 This campaign was designed to bring light to a difficult  topic with a tough message. The original version of the art for this campaign was created in an even more Disney look, but the client decided it was a bit to  close to having legal issues....