Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A shot in the dark. Vertical Branding.

I recently was asked to design some brochures for Alpine Valley Resort in East Troy, and was seriously struggling with their logo.  How can you brand something as new and fresh when you're working with a 35 year old  logo?  So I took it upon myself to rework their logo.

Alpine Valley Resort's main competition is with other mid-west ski resort destinations, but the new mark needed to have an out-west appeal. They've spent millions on improving their facilities and chairlifts so why not brag about it and revamp the old look into something that would sell the image they are investing in. Skiing, golfing.... that's what they do. Three new million dollar lifts, and renovated bathrooms and facilities. It's nice.

The mark turned out very nice, but It was a shot in the dark, Alpine valley didn't ask me to do it so it was a risky proposition that paid off, literally. They love it and now I'm able to create promotional materials that shine. 

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